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Ubuntu 20.04 LTS targeted at Tianfu Cup 2021 plus we cover security updates for Linux kernel, nginx, Ardour and strongSwan.

This week in Ubuntu Security Updates

24 unique CVEs addressed

[USN-5091-3] Linux kernel (Azure) regression

[USN-5092-3] Linux kernel (Azure) regression [00:50]

[USN-5109-1] nginx vulnerability [01:44]

  • 1 CVEs addressed in Trusty ESM (14.04 ESM), Xenial ESM (16.04 ESM)
  • Buffer overflow when handling files with modification dates a long time in the past - ie. 1969 or very far in the future - integer overflow in the autoindex module

[USN-5110-1] Ardour vulnerability [02:22]

  • 1 CVEs addressed in Bionic (18.04 LTS), Focal (20.04 LTS)
  • UAF in handling of crafted XML files - if using attacker provided files could DoS / RCE

[USN-5111-1, USN-5111-2] strongSwan vulnerabilities [02:39]

  • 2 CVEs addressed in Bionic (18.04 LTS), Focal (20.04 LTS), Hirsute (21.04), Impish (21.10)
  • 1 CVEs addressed in Trusty ESM (14.04 ESM), Xenial ESM (16.04 ESM)
  • Integer overflow when replacing certs in cache - if can send many requests with different certs can fill cache and then cause replacement of cache entries when gets full - LRU algorithm could then cause integer overflow and hence OOB write as a result
  • Integer overflow in gmp plugin - crafted RSASSA-PSS signature in say a self-signed CA cert sent by an initiation

[USN-5113-1] Linux kernel vulnerabilities [04:13]

Goings on in Ubuntu Security Community

Tianfu Cup 2021 [05:30]

  • https://www.tianfucup.com/en
  • 16-17th October - China’s own Pwn2Own
  • Teams required to use original vulns to hack target platforms - 1.5m USD total reward
  • Targets
    • Docker-CE on Ubuntu 20.04 w generic kernel running a Ubuntu 20.04 desktop container with ssh access as root to the container running unprivileged w/o uidmap, volume mount and default bridge network - 60k USD price
    • Ubuntu 20.04 / Centos 8 running in VMWare Workstation - unprivileged user to escalate to root - 40k USD
    • Ubuntu + qemu-kvm - 20.04 desktop host, running 20.04 server in qemu - VM escape w/o sandbox escape - 60k USD, w/ sandbox escape 150k USD
  • 3 5 minute attempts to run their exploits
  • According to media reports - Ubuntu 20.04 root privesc - 4 times, Docker-CE and qemu VM - once
  • Also iPhone 13 Pro was hacked using a no-interaction RCE attack, plus Google Chrome to get kernel privesc on Windows as well
  • Also according to one media outlet “details unknown but vendors are expected to release patches in coming weeks” - so far no contact / details have been provided to us…
  • Same has happened in previous years - no details get provided to vendors so issues don’t get patched - in the past, exploits which have been showcased at Tianfu have then allegedly gone on to be used in hacking campaigns by the Chinese government
  • Contrast with Pwn2Own - we are invited by organisers to watch and verify attempts in real-time to help judge whether exploits used are actually unique and new, and then ZDI provide details immediately regarding the vulns along with PoCs so we can patch them ASAP

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