103: Joshua Casey - Skeptic turned believer from his experience

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Guest Bio:
My name is Joshua Casey, former skeptic turned believer/experiencer. 11 years ago I had a near death experience with a close friend. This same friend and I witnessed a UFO in 2015 at the Cape Fear River Fayetteville, NC. I stayed in denial of what I saw until early 2021, after seeing the Pentagon UAP reports. After having ongoing unbelievable, synchronisities/premonitions. I reached out to the father of a friend I had in high school, Chris Bledsoe. Speaking with the Bledsoes, my fascination with quantum physics and studying the metaphysical aspects of this phenomenon, changed my life forever. As I have fallen far down this rabbit hole, and have begun seeing orbs and craft myself. Every bit of the skeptic in me is gone, and I can never look at the world the same..
I'm honored to be accepted into this community. I have become relentless about studying the many layers and history of this subject.. as well as sharing my story and helping in any way I can.
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