Tank! Tank! Tank! / Runbow / Tumblestone

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This week we're gathering up a few odd little games that don't quite fit in anywhere else, but darn it they'll always have a home with us! First, we're playing the bare-bones arcade port TANK! TANK! TANK!, which promises three times the tanks of the average game. Then, we're playing RUNBOW, a fast-paced, stylish platformer/racer which supports up to nine players for wild local multiplayer. Finally, we're talking about TUMBLESTONE, a small but addictive indie match-3 puzzle game.

Hosted by Steve Guntli and Woody Ciskowski

Logo by Corinne Kempen

Theme song: "Truck" by The Octopus Project (theoctopusproject.com)


Twitter: @ultra64podcast

Email: ultra64podcast@gmail.com

Instagram: @ultra64podcast

Patreon: patreon.com/ultra64pod

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