The Croods: Prehistoric Party! / Game Party Champions (with Ailish Collins)

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We'd planned to make this an all-Dreamworks episode, but just because the Penguins couldn't make it, that's no reason to stop the party! Ailish Collins joins us this week as we make a hard pivot from animation adaptations to misbegotten party games! We played THE CROODS: PREHISTORIC PARTY, a minigame collection based on the hit movie; we follow it up with GAME PARTY CHAMPIONS, the latest in a series of shovelware compilations! The games may break, but the party never stops here at Wii Universe!

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Hosted by Steve Guntli and Woody Ciskowski

Logo by Corinne Kempen

Theme song: "Truck" by The Octopus Project (

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Next week's episode: Call of Duty: Black Ops II / Call of Duty: Ghosts

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