Uncle Walter's Year of Wonder - January

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Uncle Walter's Year of Wonder. Near Lake Huron, in the Grey Water Area, Uncle Water recalls growing up in the 70's, before computers, before unsocial media, and before people forgot what was important.

January is cold in The Kitten State. The wind sweeps brutally across the landscape as Walter remembers Annie, an energetic, confident and amazing girl some two and half years older than the 11 year old Walter.

Annie wants to go skating with Walter and his sister Jackie. Trouble is, Annie wants to go to Decker's Mill. Walter's been to Decker's Mill, and it ain't a good place. But no one listens to Walter. He's the youngest, used to keeping quiet even when he knows what's what, as what does the youngest kid know?

Trouble is, all kids are young, without experience, with only their belief in their own invincibility to guide them through their days.

And as a small group of kids join them in their journey to skate at Decker's Mill, only Walter, the youngest, is not convinced of Annie's invincibility in the way the other kids want her to be.

Listen as Uncle Walter tells a January tale that changed his life. Featuring Marty Garavaglia as Uncle Walter.

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