Don't let people limit your spiritual growth.

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Hello all!!!
In this episode I share some information about my journey with God and spirituality. I talk about how the history of religion and social injustice has caused me to be more critical of what I let in and how I seek community. I hope this episode provides you with a different perspective and maybe even causes you to ask some questions.
Here is the information that I mentioned in the episode. There are so many options out there from information so I definitely encourage people to do their own research but these are some of the ones I've found helpful.
John Mark Comer - Pastor/ teacher
Brittany Broaddus (theinimacyfirm on Instagram)- Christian Sexologist
The Love Hour Podcast- Melissa Fredericks
Toure Roberts- Pastor
Candice Benbow- Writer, theologian (She also has some great videos on YouTube, listening to her speak is amazing) ( There are some great resources and documentaries at the end of this post as well)

Instagram: @uncommonthoughts21
YouTube: Uncommon Thoughts Podcast

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