Garage n Bass To Blow Out Your Bass Bins – Episode 334 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ

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Just adding a bassline into this podcast description. Not that this episode is short of bass. Pump this one up LOUD.



Track list

Trà Đá Connection – Ha Noi Say Ca Phe
Whenuknow – Howard
Starkey P – I’m 4 U
Coco x Hans Glader – Music In The Sun
Luxnbrg – Frozen
Local – GoPro
Daze Prism – Fantasy
Lavonz x Perception x Ollie Rant x Ell Murphy – Know What to Do
Rudimental – Jumper (feat. Kareen Lomax)
Sharda – Crystalize
Shadow of Light feat. TeeTotal – Garage
Chris Lake Ft. Alexis Roberts – Turn Off The Lights (Z’Gross Remode)
Toad – Tadpole
About 2 – Date Night (Phonetix Jazz Step Mix)
BWK Project – Don’t Know
Täpp Collective – Aquaria (Mike Delinquent Remix)
Oppidan – Temptations feat. Charlotte Meldrum
Trudos Sound & BLK JCK – Hold Tight (Massive)
Phonetix – 東京 (Tokyo) [London Extended Mix)
Angus Green – Where I Should Be
In-Soul – I Don’t Think You’re Ready (In4mous Goose Remix)
Smokey Bubblin’ B – Rinse Out (Extended Mix)
LALZIN & SituaL – Feel (D:Tune Remix)
Arctic Skull – Dark Times
Bowser – Morning
WZA – Is This Love (Original Mix)
Numa Crew & Killa’s Army – We Nuh Tek Talk (UKG Remix)
Ollie Weeks x Oggie – Fallin (BUMPY’s Addicted Mix)
Akul – Manies
Ghoulish – 26 Degrees
Eyesight – Buck It
Skruff – EL/B (Hartta Remix)
Soul Mass Transit System – My Name Is Down (I Am On The List)
Acedias – Get Me Up
SellRude – Moon (Original Mix)
Akul – Mash Up (Krypsis Remix)
Ternion Sound – Exploration 52
SP:MC – Drawing Sound
Trouble Makers – Death By Stereo
Fearless Dread – Light Em
DJ Meida – On The Floor
Drinks On Me x Event Horizon – High Caliber
Ryan Collins – Run It (feat. Farah Shea) (Isenberg Remix)
Vazteria X – Nasal Congestion
SellRude – Rise (Original Mix)
Headie One – Told (Dryman Garage Flip)
Trà Đá Connection – Viet Nam Awakens
Blackboxx – Olympian Press

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