Episode 692: Open Space 91: Any Updates on Venus? And More...

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00:00 Start
05:54 Have we learned any more about Venus?
08:31 Elon Musk interview with the Mars Society
11:15 How small would Earth be as a black hole?
11:31 Could space be infinite at the Big Bang?
13:57 Will we mine the Moon for Helium 3?
17:08 How does inflation improve the Big Bang?
23:22 Why didn't the Universe collapse again?
27:03 OSIRIS-REx update
28:17 Could you turn condensed light into matter?
30:11 Will the magnetic reversal be devastating?
32:35 How can you have atmospheric pressure without a container?
33:45 What will Starship land on?
34:47 Will it cost more than a ton of gold to bring gold back from the Moon.
36:20 Why do I think multicellular life is rare?
41:47 Starfleet or Space Force?
42:38 Would there be a Universe without us to observe it?
44:27 What rocket launch do I want to see?
45:39 What's the difference between the SpaceX suits and the shuttle suits?
47:43 Will the first person on Mars be Chinese?
49:23 Could we start building our Dyson Sphere now?
51:37 Are there any full views of the Earth from satellites?
54:47 Have any black holes evaporated yet?
55:45 Is interstellar space cold or hot?
56:59 Could you use the transit method to communicate between stars?
58:32 Is Planet 9 a black hole?

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