Episode 698: Open Space 95: Would SpaceX Have Survived without NASA? And More...

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00:00:00 Start
00:01:31 How much oxygen is too difficult?
00:03:46 Do the Falcon 9 boosters really land, or does the camera always cut out?
00:04:55 Could SpaceX have succeeded without NASA?
00:07:53 Will Gateway get delayed too?
00:11:20 Too drunk to control a telescope?
00:12:38 Is the Universe heating up?
00:16:00 Why rush to Mars?
00:19:50 Why research things that'll happen in the far future?
00:22:10 Could we use railguns?
00:26:00 Does thinking about the Universe drive you crazy?
00:28:45 Why don't we send cubesats in all directions?
00:31:32 Why could reduce the atmospheric pressure of Venus?
00:33:13 What's the farthest humans will go?
00:37:17 Will self replicating robots be built?
00:41:47 Will we never go to other stars?
00:44:07 Could a Dyson Sphere hide its radiation?
00:46:30 Where is the life in the Universe?
00:48:00 Dyson Sphere is a dumb idea.
00:49:47 What will be attributed to aliens next?
00:50:00 What are the cause of fast radio bursts?
00:53:30 Will we control space junk?

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