Episode 699: Open Space 96: The End of the International Space Station? And More...

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In this week's Open Space, we had a series of questions about the International Space Station. How long will it remain in orbit, and what role will it continue to play with other space stations under construction? We also talked about how much longer the Earth will remain habitable, and if it could be possible to replace Arecibo.

00:00:00 Start
00:03:35 How much longer with the Earth be habitable?
00:06:30 The great conjunction
00:09:11 Is nuclear power a good option in space?
00:13:31 What is the future of the ISS?
00:18:24 What are the chances of replacing Arecibo?
00:21:57 Couldn't we melt down the station for raw material?
00:23:35 What do I think of Axiom's private space station?
00:27:28 What's the best supernova candidate?
00:32:25 Could we add mass to Mars to restart its core?
00:36:03 Am I excited about the next Gaia release?
00:40:45 Are we looking backwards in time?
00:42:00 How's Chinese going?
00:46:39 What's the future of the Thirty Meter Telescope?
00:50:24 Will there be more international collaboration?
00:54:45 How much of the Universe has already disappeared?
00:56:33 Future telescope names?
00:57:00 Legit warp drive?
00:59:45 Any value putting a telescope on Mars?

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