Episode 708: Q&A 131: Can Breakthrough Starshot Slow Down? And More...

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Welcome to the new style Q&As, which we're now recording every Monday live on my YouTube channel at 5pm Pacific Time. This week we got a lot of great questions about the Proxima Centauri signal, the Fermi Paradox, and Breakthrough Starshot.

00:00:00 Start
00:00:14 Is Starlink portable?
00:01:07 Any thoughts on the Wow signal?
00:03:58 What are magnetars?
00:06:20 Any followup planned on Proxima signal?
00:07:34 My answer to the Fermi Paradox
00:11:50 Why don't neutron stars turn into black holes?
00:13:03 Could Breakthrough Starshot confirm the Oort Cloud?
00:15:07 Can Breaththrough Starshot slow down?
00:20:03 Do other planets have pole stars?
00:20:45 Should we put a telescope out by Neptune or Uranus?
00:23:15 Next rare celestial event
00:26:12 Does Skylon have a future in space exploration?
00:30:35 How will humanity end?
00:33:47 Is Elon Musk a supervillain?
00:35:16 When can regular people do space tourism?
00:38:12 Am I up to date on the Expanse?
00:39:51 SG1 or the Expanse?
00:41:37 Does everything experience gravitational lensing?
00:44:07 What do I think of DALL-E?
00:47:18 Doing space journalism for 21 years
00:48:39 Space assembly of telescopes.


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