Episode 717: Q&A 136: Should Falcon Heavy Launch the Lunar Gateway? And More...

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In this week's questions show, I talk about why some missions go into orbit, and other missions make a direct landing on Mars. Is it a good idea for the SpaceX Falcon Heavy to launch components for the Lunar Gateway? And how can we know if the Universe is finite or infinite?

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00:30 Why go into orbit when NASA goes straight for landing?
04:19 What about SpaceX launching the Lunar Gateway?
08:45 Is the Universe finite or infinite?
11:52 Would a big black hole event horizon look flat?
12:38 If I had $50 billion to spend on space
16:14 Do I own any space stocks?
18:04 Will there be a time when we can't see other galaxies?
21:24 Is it easier or harder to fly to the Moon now?
25:09 When will the first steps be on Mars?
30:58 Would a Moon city protect humanity?
35:46 Could we crash Mars into Pluto?
36:54 Will travel to the Moon/Mars ever be cheap?
39:24 Should we be improving Earth or Mars?
41:06 Which book series do I recommend people read first?
42:13 Will Perseverance hear the helicopter?
44:07 What technologies will improve the Earth in the future?


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