Episode 729: Q&A 142: Do Pulsars Slow Down? And More...

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In this week's questions show, I look at the rotation rate of pulsars, why NASA is such a fan of the term in-situ and what our plans are for exploring the Universe.

00:00 Start
00:49 Do pulsars ever slow down?
03:20 What's with in-situ?
05:17 Europa or Enceladus?
07:42 How far could Starships go?
09:27 Can planets be in orbital resonance?
10:44 Would fusion work for space travel?
12:46 What are the plans for colonising the universe?
14:26 How soon until we can starhop to another star?
16:17 Why isn't there an improvement to the Drake Equation?
19:28 Why don't we use nuclear rockets?
23:48 Could we use binoculars to see the night sky?
26:35 How close are stars in a cluster?
27:57 Best way to terraform Mars?
30:18 Why not use wiper blades on the Mars rover solar panels?
33:19 Is there bacteria on the Voyagers?
36:01 Is dark matter a fact now?
40:11 Is there confirmation bias in the science community?

Want to be part of the questions show? Ask a short question on any video on my channel. I gather a bunch up each week and answer them here.


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