SeaWorld Podcast Ep 33 - Changes to SeaWorld in 2015 a look at 2015 events at SeaWorld Parks and more

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In this episode of the USWP we talk about the babies born at SeaWorld San Diego & Orlando. We also have a new Animal Spotlight from the incomparable Erin, and Mike brings us a new SeaWorld-Busch Gardens Conservation Fund Minute.

We’ll also be discussing the recent entertainment offerings ending at SeaWorld Orlando with the Mimes, A’lure and the Pearl Divers.

We will review the 2015 event Calendar for all three SeaWorld parks and we have a Round Table discussion where we all share our top SeaWorld stories for 2014, and what we are looking forward to most in 2015.

We also want to remind everyone to follow us on twitter at @SeaWorldPodcast, @SeaWorldEric @SeaWorldErin @seaworldmike and like us on Facebook at and on Instagram at @SeaWorldPodcast So put on your wetsuit with us and let’s dive in!

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