24 - Dr. Darian Parker - Kinesiologist Personal Trainer

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In this episode you'll learn:

  • Sports Education Leadership with an emphasis in Behavior Modification from UNLV
  • New personal development platform F.E.M.
  • How to be a memorable person and being a hot mess
  • Humans have always experienced diversity
  • Relax and enjoy your time and be present with the person you’re with in the moment
  • Starting your day intentionally thinking about how you want to show up & present yourself throughout your day
  • Showing up relaxed and be your genuine self
  • Practice creates confidence
  • Everybody is an artist – everything says something about you
  • Intuition (meaning of my name) Feelings are important – if it feels right move toward it
  • When you refresh someone else – you refresh yourself
  • Sandwiching your message – something positive – critique – positive
  • Quote by Plato - Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance
  • And so much more....

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