Lean Into Who You Are. Let Go of Who You Aren't.

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Why is it important to know who you are and lean into it?

From the moment we begin to form memories, to the moment we retire, there are several lives we will have lived.

In this episode, Mike and Tim discuss the idea that we don’t owe the world anything including the need to prove ourselves. When something doesn’t resonate with you, be willing to say no to those opportunities.


Episode Mini-Lessons

  1. There is no one in the world quite like you.
  2. You are not your work.
  3. The experiences and qualities you offer the world make it a better place.
  4. You don't owe the world anything and that includes proving yourself.
  5. Letting go is not giving up.

Learn more about Mike’s lesson to his younger self--Lean into who you are and let go of who you aren’t--in this episode of Unpacking Design.

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