UM 020: Develop The Ability To Say "NO"

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Negative – a word or statement that expresses denial, disagreement, or refusal
Too many men are wired to always say yes, or in other words, to never say no.
You’re asked to do something you don’t want to (or should) do, but say yes anyway. You’re stressed and overburdened at work, but when your boss asks you to take over a project, you simply say yes.
Simply put, you say yes, even though you have no business saying yes. You say yes, even if the person asking you to do something really wants you to say no. You’re consciously putting your well-being, happiness, and overall masculinity at risk by doing things you know you shouldn’t or not doing things you should.
So many men are people pleasers and Nice Guys. They’ve told themselves that how they feel doesn’t matter or that they don’t want to let others down.
On the other hand, there are situations where a man wants to say no but should say yes. This comes in the form of saying no to a job opportunity where there is some perceived risk. It comes in the form of not starting that workout plan or lifestyle change, simply because that discomfort seems impossible. Many men have self-limiting beliefs that they’re not willing to stare down and address. Too many men spend time thinking of the worst that can happen.
In this episode of Untaming Masculinity, Dan and Brad dive into this concept and explore why men are likely to do something they have no desire to do, or why they’re so likely to say no to something that they shouldn’t. They share some personal stories and experiences, and answer the important question men face when things get uncomfortable (and consequently say yes when they should be saying no): What’s the worst that can happen?
When you spend some time truly asking yourself that question, you will start to see that the preconceived conclusions you’ve drawn almost never play out that way, and you’re selling yourself short by simply not doing what you should. There’s so much growth awaiting a man who truly owns his intentions and can tell others no (or yes).
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