4.4- Dog Day Crafternoon

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Small gifts for the ones we love

It's time for a heist

We have to stop lying to each other.


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This episode features: Anuja Vaidya as Norah, Kat Hoil as Abbie, Clarisa Cherie Rios as Lily, Amelia Bethel as Marisol, Corrbette Pasko as Maureen, Pat King as Chester, Miles Buha as Jamie, Leeman Kessler as Arthur Warren, Joshua K Harris as Detective Farrow.

Written by Jessica Best, sound design by Eli Hamada McIlveen, directed by June Thiele, theme music composed by Stephen Poon, recording engineer Mel Ruder, associate producer Ani Enghdahl, Theme performed by Stephen Poon, Lauren Kelly, Gunnar Jebsen, Travis Elfers, Mel Ruder, and Betsey Palmer, Unwell lead sound designer Eli Hamada McIlveen, Executive Producers Eleanor Hyde and Jeffrey Nils Gardner, by HartLife NFP.

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