Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 586 [10.04.2022]

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Welcome to Uplifting Trance Sessions ep. 586.
Fantastic news. I have launched my own mobile app for android phones.
Android (Google Playstore) -> https://bit.ly/3rbwafs
Dear Iphone users, we are working on an app for ios devices as well.

Today you will hear music by myself, Stoneface & Terminal, District5, Marc Van Linden, Kita-Kei, DJ-Elven & D-Meijo and many more.
And now let the music speak!🔥

[0:00] 1. Intro
[1:39] 2. Stoneface & Terminal & Sue McLaren – Save Me [Amsterdam Trance]
[7:39] 3. The WLT – Hearten [GO MUSIC]
[11:49] 4. Chris Connolly – The Beauty Of Them [Trancespired Recordings]
[16:24] 5. Denis Efremov – My Soul [Butterfly Music]
[21:29] 6. ColderIX – Last Goodbye [Ablazing Records]
[26:36] 7. District5 – Fractured [Kinected Recordings]
[31:28] 8. Marc van Linden & D-Gor – Orbit [VANDIT Records]
[35:53] 9. Michel Westerhoff – F22 (DJ-Elven & D-Myo Remix) [State Vision] -World Premiere-
[39:32] 10. DJ Phalanx – Rush [State Control Records] -Uplift Of The Week-
[44:33] 11. Dave Steward – Escape Harmony [Full On 140 Records]
[48:58] 12. Kita-Kei – Reason & Sentiment [Molekular Sounds]
[54:41] 13. Graham Wootton – Spaced Out [Kinected Recordings]…

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