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This episode is the 6th in a series of UNYAX episodes that focuses on each of the general SCCA autocross categories.

CAM is an acronym for Classic American Muscle and is one of the newest categories in SCCA Autocross. As the name implies, cars (and pickups) that run in this category must be made in the USA. While most of them are decades old, late model Camaros, Challengers, Mustangs, and the like are also eligible.

Brett Bourdette has been a muscle car enthusiast his entire life and has been autocrossing for about 20 years. While CAM has only be around since the 2010s, most of Brett's autocrossing has been in cars that currently qualify for CAM competition.

Brett joins host Mark Mangicaro for a discussion of the different CAM classes and why just about anyone with a muscle really ought to give it a try!

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