Competing in Xtreme Street

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This episode is the 7th and last in a series of UNYAX episodes that focuses on each of the general SCCA autocross categories. (A summary episode will be next.)

Xtreme Street is the newest category in SCCA Autocross. It consists of two classes XS-A and XS-B and was first offered in the abbreviated 2020 season, so 2021 was its first full season. With a few rare (and exotic) exceptions, just about any street-legal car can be eligible for Xtreme Street.

Nick Dixon spent a few years in Street Touring, then Street Prepared, and finally Super Street Modified while waiting for a class that really fits his car. As soon as the SEB announced Xtreme Street, Nick knew that is where he wanted to compete!

Nick joins host Mark Mangicaro for a discussion on the category that offers a lot of freedom for those who like to modify their street-driven cars.

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