The Novice Season

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In the previous episode we discussed what to expect at your first autocross. In this episode we zoom out and take a look at a participant’s first season: the novice season.

Mitch Lepianka has been a car enthusiast his whole life and 2021 is the year he found autocross. Mitch participated in his first event this spring at the Oswego County EVOC facility in Fulton with the CNY SCCA where he quickly became an autocross enthusiast.

Mitch shares his experiences with Upstate NY Autocross host Mark Mangicaro. Topics include improving driving ability both on the course and on the street, car modifications, and the social aspect of the sport.

If you are familiar with autocross, you will enjoy hearing a first-hand account of how quickly the hook gets set! If you are new to autocross, you may want to listen to episodes 1 and 2 first to help put things in perspective.

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