The Mideast and the Russia-Ukraine Crisis:Where does it Stand?

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Opinions vary as to who to blame for the eruption of war in #Ukraine. Some blame President Putin for his choice of military action and his miscalculation. Others blame President Biden for not doing enough to deter Putin. In fact, Biden may have provided the grounds for Putin’s miscalculation. But focusing on where the Middle East stands we need to first analyse the abstention of the UAE at the UN Security Council. The #Russia-Ukraine crisis is pushing oil and gas prices up and that translates into more cash for oil and gas producers including Arab Gulf states. But those countries have been seeking closer relationships with Moscow for sometime now. Other countries in the #Middle_East have been protesting interference in their domestic affairs. So how do these countries balance the dilemma and challenges inherent in the Crisis? Dr. Atef Gawad discussed this important topic " The Mideast and the Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Where does it Stand" with distinguished guests from Michigan, Dr. Abdalmajid Katranji, who is a political analyst and an expert on the Middle East, and from Chicago journalist Ray Hanania, and from Washington, Edward Joseph, a professor at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University. The episode was broadcast: 4/3/2022 US Arab Radio can be heard on wnzk 690 AM, WDMV 700 AM, and WPAT 930 AM. Please visit: Web site : Online Radio: Twitter : Instagram : Youtube : US Arab Radio

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