Damon Jones on CSR in the Age of New Activism: How P&G is Changing the Tide

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Damon Jones has been challenging gender stereotypes, promoting sustainability and fighting for racial equality for the past 23 years through his work at Procter and Gamble. Since being promoted to P&G's chief communications officer at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Damon has continued to foster important discussions within P&G’s audiences and enact positive social change in the corporate landscape. In July 2020, he was named the most influential person in public relations and business on the PR Week U.S. 2020 Power List, and is the first Black man to top the list in its 14-year history.

In this episode, Damon discusses how corporations can get involved in activism and advocacy, and the importance of diversity in creating impactful campaigns, emphasizing that doing the right thing for society is always right for business. From PSAs on social distancing practices to new videos and resources in the #TakeOnRace campaign, P&G continues to foster conversations around the pressing issues of today, and demonstrates how corporations can effectively engage with activism on a regular basis.

Featuring: Damon Jones (@damondjones), CCO of Procter and Gamble (@ProcterGamble).

Host: Fred Cook (@fredcook), Chairman of Golin, a global PR firm. Author of “Improvise - Unorthodox Career Advice from an Unlikely CEO” and Director of the USC Center for Public Relations

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