March For Our Lives (Part II): Brendan Duff on Sparking a National Movement, PR and Youth Activism

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March for Our Lives began in a small town in Florida, but its student organizers went on to spearhead the largest single-day protest against gun violence in U.S. history. The organization registered over 50,000 new voters and spurred the highest percentage of youth voter turnout ever in the 2018 midterm elections.

In part two of our interview with March For Our Lives co-founder Brendan Duff, Brendan discusses why the March For Our Lives organization has expanded its mission to focus on voter registration, how they have formed and maintained successful partnerships with corporations and which public relations tactics continue to be an essential part of their efforts.

This discussion is part of our series reviewing the 2020 Global Communication Report on New Activism, which is available for free download at

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