Vasilios Birlidis Presents: The Gayest Man in the United Kingdom, Dr. Sebastian Brackenridge in A Very Brackenridge Christmas Carol Special: Part 1

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Dr. Sebastian Brackenridge, world famous Demigod and Supernatural historian, social media influencer, pet video posting aficionado, and the gayest men in Great Britain presents his first annual CHRISTMAS Special. Dr. Brackenridge has officially declared 2020 and complete and utter "Shit Show" and has decided to give 2020 the middle finger it so richly deserve. In this brilliant lecture/ podcast, Sebastian begs the question: "What if..." What if there was a backstory to the Dicken's Christmas Classic and what if the main character wasn't a miserly old man of business, but Rupert, Duke of Brackenridge around the time of 1815. What if he Now that would be a story! A two part podcast that will bring a smile to your lips, a laugh to your heart... and possibly a tear to your eye. Outrageous, never serious and a huge ham, Dr. Brackenridge leaves his listeners shocked in this hysterical parody of a BBC radio program

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