Eulogy for the Unremarkable Man

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A note from Vasilios Birlidis: Creator of Dr. Sebastian Brackenridge
There is a time for jokes and there is a time for reflection. Reflection on what some would term as an unremarkable life. COVID-19 has taken a friend of mine and I mourn for the loss of my dear friend Steve and pray for strength and peace for his wife, Karen, whom he loved so very much.

But I refuse to allow Steve to melt away, one of the many forgotten, becoming just a number, a statistic of those the virus has taken.

I want to share the eulogy I have written for Steve, "Eulogy for the Unremarkable Man." I do this with permission of his wife, Karen. This isn't just a eulogy for Steve. It's a eulogy of those who pass from covid without the hand of their loved one holding theirs.
For the millions worldwide that you might not know, but should. Please take a listen and know Steve. We will not let Steve or others be forgotten. Thank you and stay safe.

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