Vasilios Birlidis Presents: My Coming Out Story

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The other day I was invited to a book club for fans of my podcast Dr. Sebastian Brackenridge, to not only appear as the eccentric Dr. Sebastian Brackenridge and read from his lecture: A very Brackenridge Christmas Carol, but to also discuss the origins of the deliciously demented Duke of Brackenridge. People were surprised by my answers. You see, Sebastian is the gay man I wish I was allowed to be when I came out. Unapologetically gay. No shame. No hurt. No disappointment, but alas fiction is fiction and life is life. So as part of my giving back to my community I wanted to share my coming out story, which is part of a bigger project I am working on because I know had someone related the story I'm about to tell, it would have made things a little better, less painful and less of a struggle. I hope you enjoy it.

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