Starting solids and vegan baby led weaning

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Do you want to feed your baby vegan but worry about meeting their nutrient needs? Are you curious about starting solids but not sure how to get started?

In today's episode, Karla Moreno-Bryce, fellow dietitian and vegan mom of two, shares her story. You'll hear:

  • Her journey into veganism
  • What you want to know before starting solids
  • How is she raising her two girls vegan
  • Her tips for first-time vegan parents
  • What to know about food allergies for vegan kids

If you want to raise your children vegan but are concerned about nutrients for their growth and development, this episode will give you the basics of starting solids and the inspiration to help you feel confident feeding your baby a vegan diet so they can thrive.

About Karla:

Karla is a vegan, Registered Dietitian, and mom of two girls who are four years old and three months old. Her work focuses on empowering vegan parents to feed their kids a healthful vegan diet for proper growth and development.

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