Nosotros Tequila Founders: Carlos Soto & Michael Arbanas

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Paki & Chris invite The Owners of Nosotros Tequila @nosotrostequila and the producer of Tesla Tequila @tequilateslaofficial , Carlos Soto @carlosmsoto & Michael Arbanas @michael.arbanas along with their Nevada State Manager Mia Moore @miaamoore9 , to join the CIRCLE for Episode 56.
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Nosotros Tequila is a California-based company started by young Costa Rican native Carlos Soto and financial guy Michael Arbanas. Just a few months after entering the market, Nosotros Blanco won “Best Tequila” and a Double-Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2017, which is like the Oscars for Spirits. In 2019, Nosotros Reposado won a Gold Medal in the spirits competition as well. After three years of development, they launched their very flavorful Mezcal, a balanced blend of espadin and tobala. Nosotros is currently sold in over 500 bars, restaurants, and retailers in California, New York, Illinois, Nevada and even in Costa Rica.
In 2020, Nosotros collaborated with TESLA on an exclusive $250 handcrafted bottle called Tesla Tequila, an ultra-premium, 15 month French oak barrel-aged anejo and features a dry fruit and light vanilla nose with a balanced cinnamon-pepper finish.
Mia is a Vegas Native and met Carlos at the University of San Diego while completing her MBA. She was responsible for bringing Nosotros to Nevada after partnering with Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits @sgwinespirits .
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