How designing for Marvel films inform our future, with John LePore

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John LePore changed how we imagine the future of technology, with Tony Stark on his side. As the principal creative director of Perception, the Emmy-nominated design lab from New York, he has pioneered UI in films for the past 16 years. If you’re watching any Hollywood blockbuster where a character interacts with an advanced technology, there’s a solid chance that he and his team created it. Just in the Marvel universe alone, he’s been part of The Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, and the beautiful Black Panther technology that could empower any tribe. His work is often based on real world research, like that of MIT or the University of Tokyo. And just as often, it’s being applied for real world clients, too, like SpaceX, Audi, Ford, Microsoft’s Hololens, or the all-new Hummer EV. Discover how to take audience members on a journey where they can understand future interactions – and why it’s important to obsess over the reality of any detail. This episode came together in partnership with The Next Web, Europe's leading tech festival. It’s where you can meet founders, firestarters, and VCs. Year round you can follow TNW’s opinionated coverage of tech news that matters on Verwondering is the leading design podcast of the Netherlands. In every episode, creative director Harald Dunnink – founder of the memberful design agency Momkai and cofounder of journalism platform De Correspondent – talks to other creatives about the impact of their work. From artists to curators, together they explore what makes a design meaningful. This eye-opening podcast is a visual journey too. You can view all the designs that Harald and his guests discuss, by visiting the show’s gallery, on Made by Momkai –

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