Pentagram’s Eddie Opara on amplifying voices [What Design Can Do special]

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He’s a partner at Pentagram, a senior critic at Yale, an Englishman in New York, a designer that codes, and a valued member of the AGI. At 50, Eddie Opara is exactly the same age as Pentagram itself. It’s the largest independent design firm in the world. All of its 23 partners create. And if a partner is not doing so well, it’s equated. That’s why Opara refers to Pentagram as a dysfunctional, but wonderful family. Opara worked on the interface of the Samsung Galaxy series, designed the wayfinding of Nike’s World Headquarters, published a book called Color Works, helped the world champions of the US Women’s soccer team launch their own brand, Re-inc, and got together with Kerby Jean-Raymond to get his narratively rich designs the identity they deserve, the lovely yellow-dipped Pyer Moss. This episode came together in partnership with the friendly folks at What Design Can Do. For over a decade, this resilient group has empowered the global creative community. Check out the WDCD hubs around the world (Amsterdam, São Paulo, Nairobi, Tokyo, Delhi, Mexico City) or join them online – at Verwondering is the leading design podcast of the Netherlands. In Dutch, Verwondering means Wonderment. In every episode, creative director Harald Dunnink – founder of the memberful design agency Momkai and cofounder of journalism platform De Correspondent – talks to other creatives about the impact of their work. From artists to curators, together they explore what makes a design meaningful. This eye-opening podcast is a visual journey too. You can view all the designs that Harald and his guests discuss, by visiting the show’s gallery – on Made by Momkai –

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