Happy National Veterinary Receptionist Week!

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This week we are honoring the often unsung heroes of a veterinary clinic, the veterinary receptionists or CSRs! … Hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT have a “Conversation of Celebration” detailing the many amazing and inspiring abilities of the front desk support staff that allow vets and vet techs to be their best! … Dr. Ward marvels at how veterinary receptionists are able to recognize pets by their family’s cars! He also explains how receptionists/CSRs CSRs represent the clinic personality, mission, and standards and are integral to client loyalty. He also explains why we need to train and pay our receptionists better. … Beckie shares her recent experiences taking both her sister’s and her own dog the vet and how a receptionist really made her feel welcome. … Dr. Ward shares why he believes our receptionists are so essential to a successful client experience because “they own:” * The client’s first impression * The first smile * The first “Hello” * Are asked the first question * The last goodbye * The client's last question * Provide the last reminder … Viewfinders, this week we hope you’ll take time to celebrate and recognize your clinic’s “Jack or Jill of All Trades.” Our veterinary receptionist are true multitaskers and multi-disciplinarians. Every day, they deal with conflict management, sometimes serve as grief counselors, and are responsible for emergency triage. All while answering phones, billing out, scheduling, and fetching meds - ALL WITH A SMILE! I’m exhausted reading this! … Viewfinders, let us know how you’re celebrating National Veterinary Receptionist Week!

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