What Happens When You Know More About a Topic Than Your Boss? Helping Management Change for the Better

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Change and progress are inevitable, especially in veterinary medicine. But what happens when your clinic boss, manager, or supervisor fails to keep up with medical advances and clings to outdated protocols and procedures? This week we discuss how you can help make positive procedural changes in your veterinary practice. … Host Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT tackle the topic of confronting and changing the attitudes and policies of a clinic’s leadership. … Dr. Ward shares his top tactics for presenting new medical information to reluctant staff members, why we need to bring more “solutions, not complaints” to management, and his favorite way to solicit feedback to improve an idea using a “On a scale of 1 to 10…” method. … Beckie discusses why we need to surround ourselves with smart people - and then listen to them! She also challenges vet techs to negotiate with leaders and her experiences in getting managers to accept updated procedures and treatments. … Finally, Dr. Ward reminds practice leaders that the first thing to maintain progress is to let go of hubris and ego and he explains why leaders that can say, “I didn’t know that!” excel above those who always have all the answers. … Viewfinders, this is a jam-packed conversation! How do you approach your boss or manager when it’s time to change? What have your experiences been? … Don’t forget to head over to Apple Podcasts and leave us a “Hello!” and 5-start rating. You’ll make our week! THANK YOU!

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