How to survive the Corona Virus

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  1. Tell yourself you're going to make it and this is just going to be a story you tell people some day.
  2. Organize & Restrict all costs both business and personal
  3. Reorganize your packages -Give deals, discounts, or figure out how to increase value
  4. Think of additional services you can provide.
  5. Know your niche! Re-evaluate your niche, is this a niche that needs video in a recession? Figure it out, this will help you focus & grow faster.
  6. Remove all activities or time spent on projects not directly related to money making
  7. Do not runaway into escapism: Vices, video games, drinking, smoking, that is deadly
  8. Put time into studying art of money making, marketing, etc. NOT Videography skills
  9. Do not accept any speculative work.
  10. Call every client you have had for the last two years, ask how they are doing, call them weekly.
  11. Remember how powerful you are.(if your making a living in media production you’ve already done the impossible)
  12. Cross Train to be able to diversify
  13. Join together with others
  14. Stay Calm and positive and strong

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