Ep. 120: Michael McPherson | Everything You Never Learned About Sex

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Michael McPherson is the author of Everything You Never Learned About Sex: Take Back Your Masculine Power & Use Your Sex Energy For Good, co-founder of REQUESTbar, a high-vibe, innovative food company on a mission to get people dreaming bigger and take courageous leaps in making those dreams come to life, co-founder of KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate, a non-profit devoted to saving native strains of cacao and making ceremonial-grade cacao available to the Western world, and co-founder of KAPU, a community app for light workers to gather and share their hearts in a safe and sacred container.

  • How Michael always says, “we teach the things we need to learn the most”
  • He called in a profound education and an upgrade in his relationship to women and sex so he could eventually share his healing + experience with many others
  • How the energy within his household growing up created an environment of fear for him and it didn’t make him feel safe to talk about what he was actually experiencing
  • We’re meant to channel infinite force through the infinite channel that we are
  • Michael was trying to compensate for his insecurities; inauthenticity started to compound until a crisis was reached
  • His healing started when he met his beloved and felt the exchange he had with her and how profound it was
  • In terms of healing shame, Michael found true freedom through devotion inside their relationship container they co-created
  • Who does the shame impact the most? Who’s really receiving the energy of shame?
  • Most of our lives have entailed distorted relationships with our sex energy, so when we restore integrity then we can pivot and heal our shame

Connect with Michael:

Instagram: @kakaodrinkingchocolate @humanity.media

Website: michaelmcpherson.co flykakao.com

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