VOC 234 | The Courage to Have Conversations With Oneness | Neale Donald Walsch | Steve Farrell | Ken Foster

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What if there was a ground-breaking way which would create effective solutions to our climate challenges, solving the vast division in our country, and healing our national history, and move towards a society that respects diversity, equality, and inclusion for all. What if we could solve homelessness, stop wars, reform our institutions, the corporate world--and yes, indeed--in all aspects of our society and world? Well, there is and we are talking about it today on Voices of Courage.

Steve Farrell is co-founder and Worldwide Executive Director of Humanity's Team, a non-profit organization based in Boulder, Colorado. The organization is focused on helping people throughout the world awaken to their deeper Self and the interconnectedness of everything in the Universe. Steve is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle and lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife Stephanie, their two teenage children, and their dog Sadie.

Neale Donald Walsch is the author of 29 Books. He is a modern-day spiritual messenger whose words have touched the world in profound ways. With an early interest in religion and a deeply felt connection to spirituality, Neale spent the majority of his life thriving professionally, yet searching for spiritual meaning before experiencing his now famous conversation with God. The Conversations with God series of books that emerged from those encounters has been translated into 37 languages, touching millions and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives.

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See the full podcast video: https://youtu.be/pckLg6IXvQk

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