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Today I have DC’s finest, spoken word artist, philanthropist, genius, Justyn Iman accompanied by Yoshi Entertainment LLC Did I throw shade to DC too early? (2:50) the formal introduction (4:20) Laces to Bows, talking about a traumatic experience(tw: sexual assault) + support from her parents with business (5:40) cupcake wars + teaching the youth some life skills that are seeking to fade away (8:30) steps to writing her 100 - page ‘workbook’ for kids + where’s the audiobook?! (13:00) ‘Mindset’ EP is the first meditation EP I’ve heard in my life. Justyn gets into the story behind the EP + there’s physical copies! (17:20) are you listening or hearing? (25:55) the goals eventually align (28:30) Creating networks within (35:01) confession time, praise the Lord! (37:32) The ‘Mindset’ EP out now ! https://music.apple.com/us/album/mindset-ep/1608518651 & on all platforms! @justyniman on all social media https://www.lacestobowsinc.org/ Cop some Jani’s juice Code VONTENYC for 20% off! https://www.janis-juices.com/

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