Ep. 5 Jan Gerritsen ~The Creative Garden & Walking Trails

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Dear Liteners! In this episode Jan Gerritsen talks about his inspiration, why he joined to the Creative Community Garden in Wageningen. If you listen to this podcast you can find out more about different aspects of gardening as a community. And if you live close to Wageningen and planning to visit or join the GARDEN it is also worth to listen. Because Jan shares some practical details regarding to the joining and weekly operations furthermore projects and future plans in the GARDEN. Besides being busy in the GARDEN there is another way how Jan keeps his relationship with nature in balance. Since his youth he loves long distance trail walking and he completes in average 200 km walking trails all across Europe several times a year. Jan likes to share his passion and he provides useful information on his website: Walking Trails of the World. Moreover using his vast experience Jan designs his own trails and he wrote several guide books that are indispensable tools for the proper preparation for being in the wilderness for 1 or 2 weeks. Useful links to check out: Creative Garden Wageningen's website: creativegarden-wageningen.org/ Creative Garden's Facebook Group www.facebook.com/groups/communitygardenhogeborn/ Jan's website: Walking Trails of the World www.walkingtrailsoftheworld.com/

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