Walford Weekly Ep. 151: Golden Boy Vinny

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We delve into the stories that aired in the UK from Monday 22nd to Thursday 25th March

The Carter’s move into the Vic, Frankie moves in with the Carters. A Russian mob boss has a heart attack. Ruby didn’t want children, told she can’t have them, now wants children! Callum (‘The Copper’) actively participates in crime. Gray wonders why his son has anger issues and Fat Elvis has a niece called Thin Cilla. Yep, just another week on the Square and we’re here to discuss it! What did you think about this week? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter, Facebook or email: Details below.

TIME STAMPS - (We ramble on sometimes, so it’s worth listening to the whole show!)

00:00 - Hello and Welcome to Walford Weekly!

02:45 - ‘Walford Gazette’ - Discussing the new love interest for Billy (Sue Holderness)

05:55 - “Now for a Public Information Film...” - Feat. Suki, Patrick and Karen

12:15 - “Panesar Power” - Feat. Kheerat, Suki, Vinny, Ben, Callum, and Peter Beale’s Russian Cousin

26:04 - “Frankie Carter” - Feat. Mick, Stuart, Frankie, Rainie and Linda

41:23 - Game ‘Through the Square Keyhole’ - How badly will Alex perform this week?

51:58 - “Stacey Scared” - Feat. Ruby, Jean, Stacey, Martin and Lily

01:01:55 - “Gray’s Mask Slips”- Feat. Whitney, Kush and Gray

01:09:55 - “...I’m Not One To Gossip...” - Your views from our social media

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