Walford Weekly Ep. 154: Kush Court in the Middle

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We delve into the stories that aired in the UK from Monday 12th April to Friday 16th April

The end is near for our Kush but he’s not going without a fight, or at least throwing some spanners in the works and running away before he can get into trouble but do you think will be the outcome? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter, Facebook or email: Details below.

TIME STAMPS - (We ramble on sometimes, so it’s worth listening to the whole show!)

00:00 - Hello and Welcome to Walford Weekly!

02:06 - “Karen Takes the P” - Feat. Mr. Papadopoulos, Karen and Bernie

09:45 - “Mitchell’s Mess” - Feat. Kush, Whitney, Martin, Phil, Ben and Gray

24:27 - “Nancy Speaks Frank(ie)” - Feat. Mick, Linda, Frankie, Nancy and Shirley

32:20 - Game: ‘Ian Beale’s Real Deal’ - A question of higher or lower?

38:47 - “Pat(ty) Testing” - Feat. Issac, Lola, Patrick and Sheree

45:24 - “Sonia’s Swipe ” - Feat. Tiff, Dotty, Keegan, Ruby and Sonia

52:39 - “...I’m Not One To Gossip...” - Your views from our social media and Denise Van Outen gossip

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