Walford Weekly Ep. 174: Janine’s Butchered Return?

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We delve into the stories that aired in the UK from Monday 6th to Friday 10th September

She’s baaaaaack… Was it what we expected or did we put too much emphasis on her to ‘Save the Show’? We have a great big chat about Janine but we haven’t forgotten about everyone else and we take a look at Rainee’s sleuthing, Phil Dodging the Law, Gray’s Spiralling Lies and more!

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TIME STAMPS - (We ramble on sometimes, so it’s worth listening to the whole show!)

00:00 - Hello and Welcome to Walford Weekly!

02:22 - “Linda’s Leak” - Feat. Rainee, Linda and Jack

07:43 - “Jean’s Blunt Plan” - Feat. Shirley, Jean, Ruby and Martin

19:19 - “Sharon’s Committed” - Feat. Phil, Sharon, Gray, Shirley, Kat and Ben

26:18 - “Janine Will See You Now!” - Feat. Janine, Zack, Kat, Tommy, Scarlet

58:40 - “I Ain’t One to Gossip” - This week we discuss your comments to us

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