WM Live 2022-02-22

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Observe my driving. The wrong hotel. Water sticks. Keeping clothing. Around my age. They left their clothes behind. Small head and leaving clothes. A real crossed line mistake at the front desk. File a situation report because it went down between us. Leaving clothing behind. Practice faxes for taxes cactus. Standing on it dude. Milk door cats. Spare a dollar. Let me hit that cigarette. Free days for a room number. A full crowd. Buying smokes for kids again. Difference between cats and dogs. Bite force. Sniffing lettuce. Hands-on as a customer. Sticker on the lettuce. I went up and over. Punched by the employee. Smelling gasoline on the skin. Dragonmere has a YouTube! Subscribe Now! youtube.com/dragonmere List/Schedule of Live Shows: worldofprankcalls.com/liveshows Check out worldofprankcalls.com and phonelosers.org and prankcast.com Main site for past episodes and live streaming links: https://www.wastedshow.com The link for your rss podcast machine is: https://www.wastedmemory.com/feed/podcast/wastedshow

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