WM Live 2022-03-01

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Don't answer the phone like that. Damages. Stain estimate. Parking next to my vehicle. Speakeasy. Cleaning fee issued to the hotel. Fallout shelter. Changing hotel locks. Shovel shelter. Hide in the basement. Instructions to be prepared. Preferred locksmith. Hotel Pledge. The news said to be real mean to them. Not afraid of it. Take the horse out really quick. Milk door. Dragonmere has a YouTube! Subscribe Now! youtube.com/dragonmere List/Schedule of Live Shows: worldofprankcalls.com/liveshows Check out worldofprankcalls.com and phonelosers.org and prankcast.com Main site for past episodes and live streaming links: https://www.wastedshow.com The link for your rss podcast machine is: https://www.wastedmemory.com/feed/podcast/wastedshow

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