WBSP413: Grow Your Business by Learning the Nuances of Apparel Industry Supply Chain w/ Ben Hopwood and Anant Agarwal

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Which country would you think would be most strategic for you for your supply chain? Which country would be the most strategic for an apparel business? Do different components such as Zippers vs textiles need to be sourced from different countries? How do different regions of India provide different textile materials such as performance fabric vs organic? How would this all help in creating a robust supply chain?
In today's episode our guest, Anantveer and Ben, shares their insights into how to create a robust supply chain for an apparel business. They also discussed the challenges with the global supply chain due to macroeconomic conditions, war, and inflation. Finally, they discussed several other concepts impacting the apparel industry such as different regions for sourcing, marketplaces, and logistics challenges.
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