WBSP418: Grow Your Business by Understanding Oracle JD Edwards' Capabilities, an Objective Panel Discussion

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Do you know an ERP system that was once considered SAP from the USA? Do you know an ERP system from Oracle that has enterprise-grade capabilities for complex manufacturing organizations? Do you know an ERP system from Oracle that is still supported but may have an uncertain future? Do you know an ERP system from Oracle that has super-deep functionality for F&B and pharma-centric industries? If you have guessed Oracle JD Edwards, then you are right.

In today's episode, we invited a panel of industry experts for a live discussion on LinkedIn to conduct an independent review of Oracle JD Edwards’s capabilities. We covered many grounds including its product architecture, evolution, release deadlines – and how it compares it with other products in Oracle’s portfolio. Finally, we discussed its strengths with complex manufacturing functionality such as several layers on OEMs, lot and serial numbers, and the process manufacturing functionality.

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