WCRP: Frankie Hill 023

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All those crazy handrails, huge gaps & big stairs you see everyone doing? This is the gentleman who set it ALL off. Anyone that tells you any different, either is not of the culture. Or, a straight-up liar. When most were still playing it safe, mid-late 80’s. Frankie Hill went unapologetically, hard in the paint. The real know what’s up. The cultures been asking, “where has the GOAT been?!”. He‘s right here, on WCRP.
Tune in, as Frankie speaks candidly about his upbringing in Goleta. The early days of riding for Dogtown Skateboards. Meeting Brandon Chapman, Kit Erikson & Jake Bradley. Hear the real story, behind how he ultimately got on Powell-Peralta. We talk board packages back in the day, being a skater in 1980’s high schools, creating the “Wheelie grind’. And, all things skateboarding!
I’ve been doing media for over 25 years. And, can honestly say- this is just incredible. All praises due. I cant begin to thank this gentleman enough. A true skateboarding LEGEND, and just an all-around solid individual. What an absolute pleasure. Thank you, brother. This means a lot.
Be on the lookout for Part 2 coming later this week!! You know how we do about this time.. its the mighty, mighty WCRP on Skateboarding. Tune in!- Clyde Singleton

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