WCRP: Frankie Hill Pt.2: The Man On The Hill

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“We only had 2 days to film..” The way Frankie Hill casually, just throws that in a sentence. Is what separates the greats, from the rest. There is zero doubt, that Frankie Hill is anything other than skatebaording royalty. He single-handily, transformed an era of street skating, thats still mimicked to this very day. As we close Season 1 out, we tap in with the GOAT one last time for the culture.
In todays episode, Frankie shares a hilarious story of thinking he invented the 540 under flip. We talk his favorite video part, skateboarding LEGEND Pat Duffy. The infamous 35 stair rail, unreleased video vault at Powell-Perlata. The untimely knee injury, life & just all things skateboarding!!
This was amazing, just chopping it up with a LEGEND. Such a cool, and humble guy. Frankie, we all Love you brother! And, thank you for being our childhood hero!
You Know how we do about this time.. its the mighty, mighty WCRP on Skateboarding. We made it through on season, folks!!- Clyde Singleton

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