WCRP: Julio De La Cruz Pt.2- New Deals, New Neighborhoods

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If you listen closely, you’ll notice one common theme throughout our interview. And, that is skateboarding LEGEND Julio De LA Cruz- always had a plan. Thats what separates the survivors out here. The willingness, to never give up. To truly believe in yourself, and those around you. Take risks, while most are begging for crumbs to stay afloat. Julio, has done all of the above. And, thats why he’s here 30yrs later- still doing what he loves.
In our final installment.. Julio jumps right in, with one of the funniest introductions of my 25yrs in media! He talks growing up skating with Armando Barajas & getting on New Deal. His first punk rock band “Obnoxious”. We talk the late-80s, progression gap in skateboarding. Pressure flips, and their influence on todays skateboarding. Unattainable business goals, Central Clothing, a hilarious Frank Hirata story. And, all things skateboarding!!
Thank you for this one, Julio! One solid human being, and always has been. Y‘all go support Neighborhood, and show the homie some Love!
You already know how we do about this time. It’s the mighty, mighty WCRP on Skateboarding. Tune in!- Clyde Singleton

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