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80’s street skating, and true fans of the CULTURE. On this 3rd day, of the year 2022. I present, none other than skateboarding ROYALTY. One of the handful of skaters, that literally put the streets on his back in the 80’s. But, he wasnt just a “street skater”. You could place quadruple-OG, skateboarding LEGEND Tom Knox on ANY terrain. And, it was on. Ask them boys what he did to that vert ramp, back in the day. The know what the GOAT is all about. And, he’s here today, to share his story with WCRP on Skateboarding.
Tune in, as Tom discusses the realities after professional skateboarding. We talk traveling, and getting per diem for our first time. Linking back up with Santa Cruz skateboards. What makes Mike Vallely, Ed Templeton, & Gonz so special to the CULTURE. Geographically located skaters, The Olympics, Jon Gardner. The praise of mediocrity, & all things skateboarding.
I cannot begin to thank this gentleman enough for his time. It was an absolute HONOR to set back, and soak up some game with the LEGEND. All praises due!! Thank you, Tom!!
First show of the year. Part 2, coming later this week. You know how we do about this time. Its the mighty, mighty WCRP on Skateboarding.. Lets GO!- Clyde Singleton

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